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Follow-up of xD Reflect

Outputs of the xD Reflect project will be used in the recently started Joint Research Project „Bidirectional Reflectance Definitions“  focuses on the pre-normative work to clarify measurements on surfaces exhibiting goniochromatism, gloss and sparkle visual effects.
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CIE Tutorial on BRDF measurements

The day prior to the CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance a CIE Tutorial on Visual Appearance Fundamentals and Measurement took place in Prague, 5th Sept 2016.

The Tutorial highlighted the results of the xD-Reflect project and put together world experts in the field of BRDF measurements. Attendees were mainly users who want to start or progress in the field of the characterization of the appearance of materials.

Appearance symposium photos

More photos from the Tutorial

The Tutorial was devoted to the BRDF and BTDF of surfaces, a field in which there has been recent progress at both the metrological and instrumental level. BRDF is not an easy access quantity. During this tutorial we provided:

  • Basic reminders on the radiometric quantities,
  • Review of commercial instruments for the characterization of gloss and goniochromatism,
  • Guidelines for BRDF based characterization of gloss, goniochromatism and sparkle,
  • Practical training on real samples,
  • Review of the state of the art in the field.

The tutorial was organized per visual attribute (Goniochromatism, Gloss, Sparkle) and was a good opportunity for discussion with the stakeholders.


4th CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance

4th CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance took place in Prague, Czech Republic on 6th-7th September 2016.

Photos from the CIE Symposium

Photos from the poster session and other pictures

The symposium provided the attendees the opportunity:

  • To present the state of the art in our understanding of the perception of the visual attributes, such as colour, texture, translucency and gloss.
  • To present the latest achievements in the fields of novel measurement methodologies such as BRDF, BTDF, BSSRDF and others.
  • To explore the possible applications of visual appearance knowledge and novel measurement methodologies for the design and characterisation of modern optical surfaces.

Detailed information is available on CIE webpages .


Project Meeting of xD-Reflect in Torino

Last project meeting of xDReflect

21-23 June 2016, at INRIM, Torino, Italy.

This meeting has been a presentation of the main achievements performed in xD-Reflect since the beginning of the project in Sept 2013 (the project ends 31 Aug).

During  33 months of research, significant progresses have been made. At the national metrological level, we have a better control of the BRDF as a quantity. At a end user level, we have recommendations to give for measuring goniochromatic samples, sparkling sample. We have made important progress of fluorescence and particularly on the subject of the dependence of fluorescence with the direction of measurement. We have also new BRDF models and visual scales for gloss, sparkle and graininess.  This project is born based on the Stakeholders needs of metrology in the topic of appearance of materials . Our progress was shared with the Stakeholders.

Meeting documents from the 6th Progress meeting of the JRP xDReflect are available on the pages for the Stakeholders Committee and Project Members.

Detailed agenda

group photo

5th Progress meeting Gent

The 5th Progress meeting (6th project meeting) took place at Gent, Belgium on 27th-28th January 2016. Meeting documents from the 5th Progress meeting of the JRP xDReflect are available on the pages for the Stakeholders Committee and Project Members.

xD Reflect at CIE 2015

xD Reflect project results were presented at CIE 2015

The 28th Session of the CIE took place in Manchester, United Kingdom, June 28 – July 4, 2015. Visit the event website for more details.


Poster presentation: MEASURING SPARKLE OF EFFECT COATINGS, A. Ferrero and S. Bayón (ID 259)

Oral presentation: INVESTIGATION OF THE INTER-INSTRUMENT AGREEMENT OF SPECULAR GLOSSMETERS,  Leloup F. B., Audenaert J., Hanselaer P. – Session OS10 – Characterization of the optical and visual properties of materials, on Wednesday July 1st

Oral presentation: CHARACTERIZATIONS OF SPECULAR PEAKS FROM A METROLOGICAL GLOSS SCALE,  Ged, G., Flys, O., Silvestri, Z., Källberg, S.,Tayeb-Chandoul, F., Le Breton, R., Himbert, M.E., Obein, G. , – Session OS10 Characterization of the optical and visual properties of materials, on Wednesday July 1st, (presentation OP38)

Poster presentation: OUT OF PLANE BRDF MEASUREMENT AT LNE-CNAM USING     “CONDOR”, OUR PRIMARY GONIOSPECTROPHOTOMETER,    Le Breton R., Ged G., Obein G. – poster  session PO2 (Wednesday, 14:00-15:30) with poster number PO2-23

TQC company jointed us

TQC company jointed us and signed the exchange letter.            

TQC designs and produces field measuring instruments and lab equipment for testing paint and coatings and general surface treatment. They create and offer solutions for every possible QC-application in surface technology. TQC’s production facility is located in The Netherlands.

The paint and coatings market is the main playing field of TQC. TQC therefore contributes to the market with its expertise and is an active member of ISO, NEN, DIN and ASTM. Together with representatives from other major market players TQC tries to assist in keeping the paint related standards up to date, relevant and objective. In many occasions TQC plays a leading role. Mr Nico Frankhuizen for example is chairman of the Dutch ISO-Paint and Varnishes group (NEN).