CIE Tutorial on BRDF measurements

The day prior to the CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance a CIE Tutorial on Visual Appearance Fundamentals and Measurement took place in Prague, 5th Sept 2016.

The Tutorial highlighted the results of the xD-Reflect project and put together world experts in the field of BRDF measurements. Attendees were mainly users who want to start or progress in the field of the characterization of the appearance of materials.

Appearance symposium photos

More photos from the Tutorial

The Tutorial was devoted to the BRDF and BTDF of surfaces, a field in which there has been recent progress at both the metrological and instrumental level. BRDF is not an easy access quantity. During this tutorial we provided:

  • Basic reminders on the radiometric quantities,
  • Review of commercial instruments for the characterization of gloss and goniochromatism,
  • Guidelines for BRDF based characterization of gloss, goniochromatism and sparkle,
  • Practical training on real samples,
  • Review of the state of the art in the field.

The tutorial was organized per visual attribute (Goniochromatism, Gloss, Sparkle) and was a good opportunity for discussion with the stakeholders.