Warning: Reflection standards require a calibration. The BRDF data you can find here applies only to specific samples but not to a material class. An uncertainty is not specified, the data here is only for illustrative purposes!

Laquerings based on interference pigments

Chromaflair 330 – Magenta Gold

Iriodin 9225 Rutile Blue Pearl

Colorstream T20-01 – Viola Fantasy

Colorstream T20-04 – Lapis Sunlight

Iriodin 9221 – Rutile Fine Blue

Lacquerings based on metal-effect pigments

Iriodin 9103 – Rutile Sterling Silver

Iriodin 9111 – Rutile Fine Satin

Iriodin 9119 – Rutile Polar White

Miraval 5311 – Scenic White

Stapa IL Hydrolan 2154 – Silver Dollar

Stapa IL Hydrolan 8154 – Cornflake

Stapa Metallux 1515 – Cornflake

Stapa Metallux 2197 – Silverdollar

Xirallic T60-10 – Crystal Silver

Xirallic T61-10 – Micro Silver

Diffusely reflecting surfaces

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