Work Package 6

WP leader: CMI

WP 6: Creating Impact 

The aim of this workpackage is to ensure that the results achieved by the project are adequately and appropriately communicated to the stakeholders and end-user community and that input and feedback is obtained from this community.

Task 6.1: Knowledge Transfer

The scientific results of this project will be disseminated through the following activities:

  • International Conferences attended by JRP-Partners
  • Website
  • Good Practice Guides
  • Articles and Publications
  • Standards & Committees

The JRP will create a Stakeholder Committee (SC) of at least 15 members from 10 organisations including CCPR, and BIPM representatives, CIE, measuring device manufacturers, automotive and chemical industry and other bodies, representing at least 10 European countries. The aim of the stakeholder committee is to clarify needs of the various interested parties and to feed these into the JRP, and to maximise publicity for the impact of the work.

Task 6.2: Training

The aim of this task is to provide targeted training to the stakeholder community. The newly acquired knowledge and information of metrology in the field of gonio-reflectometric measurands needs to be spread to the end-user community.

A one-day training course will be organised and held on the day preceding the 4rd Expert Symposium on Appearance in May 2016. The training course will be targeted stakeholders committee (industrial, standardisation, authorities etc.) and will focus on the new methods and techniques developed in the JRP. The target number of delegates is between 10 and 20.

Task 6.3: Exploitation

The aim of this task is to ensure the best exploitation of knowledge developed in the JRP.

A strategy plan for exploitation and for IPR for the research related to this JRP will be written and a specific exploitation plan will be written. Eventually, contract negotiations will start with possible manufacturers on licensing the Intellectual Property Rights produced within this JRP.